The Public Relation in Torism Promotion Strategy of East Lombok Regency


  • Baiq Dewi Kamariani
  • Wike Wike


Tourism, Public Relation, Promotion Strategy


The research purpose was to find out the relation between the Tourism Department of East Lombok Regency and the society which framed by Public Relation in order to increase the visitors after the earthquack through Tourism Promotion. The method of this research was descriptive qualitative. The research’s result showed that the tourism promotion strategy by public realtion was sufficient in increasing the visitors. The Tourism Department of East Lombok Regency cooperated with the society in promoting the tourism of East Lombok by using either electronic or printed media which available in East Lombok Regency or Nusa Tenggara Barat Province, such as Kancanata Radio, Selaparang tv, Suara NTB, Lombok Today and Radar Lombok. In addition, in oder to facilitate the promotion, the Tourism Department of East Lombok created about 55 Pokdarwis or tourism community that spread at all destinations in East Lombok. However, there were some troubles in promoting East Lombok tourism objects such as the facilities and the human resources who incompetent in managing tourism objects, therefore, the government have to optimalize in providing empowerment, socialiszation, training and educating to increase the quality and the competence to every pokdarwis in East Lombok Regency.