Collaborative Governance Towards Development of Eco-Based Tourism Village in Kalipucang Village, Pasuruan Regency


  • Sulung Satriyo Irkham Pambudi Brawijaya University
  • Agus Suryono University of Brawijaya
  • Endah Setyowati University of Brawijaya


collaborative governance, village tourism, ecotourism


This Research aims to explain the collaboration to develop eco-based tourism villages in Kalipucang Village, Pasuruan Regency. The research focus consists of three points such as collaborative governance process; collaborative governance results; and obstacle and supporting factors of collaborative governance in the development of eco-based tourism village in Kalipucang Village. Theoritically, collaborative governance theory and principles of ecotourism are used to analyse process and results of tourism village development. This research uses qualitative research methods and interactive data analysis technique models that include data condensation; data display; and verification and conclusion drawing. The results showed that the collaborative governance process was enforced by each stakeholders, but several obstacles happened among the procces, such as the lack role of the Pasuruan Regency government sector and internal conflict among village stakeholders. The results of collaborative governance show that the development of a tourism village has succeeded to establish 6 tourism destinations; homestays; an achievement from regency and provincial level; and benefits in the social, economic, environmental and political aspect. While the implementation of the whole principle of ecotourism only occurs in the tourism destinations of “Omah Kopi†and “Kampung Susuâ€.

Author Biographies

Sulung Satriyo Irkham Pambudi, Brawijaya University

Master Program of Public Administration Science, Faculty of Administrative Science

Agus Suryono, University of Brawijaya

Departmen of Public Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science

Endah Setyowati, University of Brawijaya

Departmen of Public Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science