The Legal Power of State Land Transition becomes Private Property (Case Study of Land and Land Assets of TNI in Pontianak Based on Decision No. 18 / G / PTUN-PTK / 2001)

Kartika Chandra, Iwan Permadi, Bambang Winarno


Transfer of rights to land through sale and purchase of houses and land owned by TNI-AD based on Certificate of Property Right no. 16241 By BPN Upon Decision No. 18 / G / PTUN-PTK / 2001 won the plaintiff. The plaintiff never felt sold to DANDENZIBANG 4 / VI Pontianak, but on the other hand DANDENZIBANG 4 / VI Pontianak stated that the land occupied today as an army boarding house purchased in 1965 through the power of The Tjiap Lie based on the appraisal appraisal No. 23/1965 dated December 6, 1965. Both parties to the dispute have strong evidence, on the one hand there is evidence of land receipts, but on the other hand only refers to the will of the defendant's family. Based on the explanation if from the beginning of the procession of controlling State assets by TNI-AD is sufficient through land registration, the conflict will be minimized because there is already legal certainty and clarity, the judge will not have different interpretations in dismissing the dispute, Have the right in this case the testament given by the previous rights holder can be validly inquire to the officer concerned and it is more effective and create an out-of-court settlement in a land dispute with a potential win win solution.


transfer of rights, land, evidence


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