Legal Protection of Hours for Crew Aircraft (Case Study at PT Indonesia Airasia and PT Citilink Indonesia)

Dian Susanti, Bambang Winarno, A. Rachmad Budiono


To analyze the forms of legal protection for flight crew in relation to working hours and to analyze solutions provided by airlines for flight crew in the case of working hours, this article was prepared using a type of empirical legal research using a sociological approach to law. Based on the results of the survey it was revealed that the form of legal protection for the flight crew in relation to working hours is to provide airborne crew as an airline employee as agreed in the employment agreement to obtain the right. Further attempts of the law given by the airline to provide legal protection for the crew of the aircraft in relation to the duty hours are the airlines must comply with all forms of legislation and legal provisions in force in Indonesia, in terms of the flight hours for air crew as provided in CASR that for rest hours for air crew is at least 9 hours of completion of the flight to the next flight, duty hours up to 14 hours a day may be more if there are additional personnel crew memberĀ  on the flight (the length of the flight can be 16 hours in day by adding 1 personnel crew member on the flight), while flight hours just for pilots (pilot and copilot) set a maximum of 9 hours in a day, while other professions (including crew cabins) just set limits Duty Period and Rest period.


legal protection, aircraft crew, flight duty time, airlines company


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