Design of Village Government Administration System Based Electronic Administration

Indra Wardana, Suryadi Suryadi, Sarwono Sarwono


Management of the village administration determines the quality of governance and public services in the village. But the empirical conditions in the field that the administration management of most of the villages in Indonesia is still far from expectations and ideal conditions. In the information era and communication technology development is very rapid, there has been a transformation of work patterns by utilizing technology to improve the quality of work and service in some public sector. But not so with the administration of the village is still the majority is done manually, as a result many of the weaknesses and shortcomings of the estuary lead to low quality of governance and public services in the village. It is time for the village administration is managed electronically by using special applications (e administration) on a computer that is capable of managing, storing, classifying, searching and reporting of all types of administrative data in a rapid, precise and accurate. To realize the necessary preparations including e-administration of human resources, infrastructure, institutional, budgetary, standard operating procedures and others. E-program administration should enter into a stage of applicable policies, beginning stages of planning, regulation, socialization, budgeting, providing goods and services, education, training, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation. E-administration must also be entered into the policy agenda of both the central government / district / city and township and village governments, in addition to the role of Parliament and the public in the success of the program.


electronic administration


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